I, Scientist Conference

20. September 2019 ganztägig
Technische Universität Berlin - Hauptgebäude (Main Building)
Str. des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
Lise-Meitner-Gesellschaft e.V., Margaretenstr. 29

I, Scientist conference on gender, career paths and networking, to be held on 20-21 September 2019 at TU Berlin.

The conference is designed by and for (PhD-) students and young researchers. Our mission is to increase the visibility of female and queer role models, introduce you to a variety of career options, and give you a dedicated time for networking and establishing useful contacts.

Conference highlights include inspiring talks by female and queer scientists about their life and career paths, various exciting networking events and a special career speed dating event. Sessions will focus on power abuse and harassment, being queer in science, mental health, bias and stereotypes.

To raise awareness of unconscious gender-based biases, detect obstacles and find solutions regarding gender imbalance and combining family life and a career, a dialogue between all genders is needed. Therefore, all genders are welcome to attend!
Registration is open via https://www.iscientist.berlin.

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