Make and Measure 2020 @ Online-Event
Okt 15 – Okt 17 ganztägig

This year’s „Make and Measure“ will focus on the „Advanced Characterization of Materials“ with members, guests and friends of SALSA in discussion sessions, invited presentations and individual exchange. On the occasion of our annual meeting, we will welcome new associated SALSA fellows from this summer’s new SALSA call, and we will take the chance to initiate a dedicated collaboration in graduate research in Adlershof together with „Berlin Research 50“ (BR50).

The event will be organized as online format due to the current COVID-19 related restrictions at our university. Meeting online will hopefully enable the participation of everyone in talks, poster sessions, and discussions with the guests.

Registration for the virtual venue will open very soon from here:

As always, we plan to meet in a poster session as well, including a 1 min video flash* from all poster presenters.

Deadline for uploading your 1 min flash video will be October 7*

Deadline for having your poster finished (pdf) will be October 13, 12 noon*

8th International Workshop on Crystal Growth Technology (IWCGT-8) @ pentahotel Köpenick
Jun 13 – Jun 17 ganztägig

The workshop – held every three years only – is an outstanding opportunity to discuss and learn about status, technologies, and prospects of bulk crystal growth technology. Renowned experts from the field will provide lectures to an attendance of about 100 senior scientists, leaders and professionals from both industry and academia. Topics include growth of single crystals for electronics and photovoltaics, substrate crystals for wide bandgap semiconductors, growth technology of piezoelectric, laser and luminescent crystals also for large-scale facilities, and novel tools, technologies and approaches for industrial or appplication-related crystal growth. Find the (almost complete) speaker list and tentative schedule at https://iwcgt-8.ikz-berlin.de .

The workshop links R&D to the actual production, bridging science and practice. Lectures are provided by most renowned experts in the field. Aside from the sessions there will be plenty of time for thorough discussions and debate. Every attendant is given the opportunity to present posters and to participate in the discussions.

Do not miss this great event! We look forward to welcome you in Berlin in June 2020.