Vortragsreihe „Wissenschaft mit Wirkung“: The Materials Science of Sustainable Metals and a Circular Economy

30. September 2021 um 14:00
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)
Date Thursday, 30 September 2021, 02:00 pm
Type of Event Webinar
Topic The Materials Science of Sustainable Metals and a Circular Economy
Presenter Prof. Dierk Raabe
Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung
Summary For more than five millennia metallic alloys have been serving as the backbone of civilization. Today >2 billion tons of metals are produced every year. The demand for some materials such as steels, aluminum and copper is expected to double or even triple by 2050. Metals require a lot of energy for their extraction, synthesis and downstream manufacturing, qualifying them as the largest single industrial source of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. The success of metals thus brings them into a position where they must play an important role in addressing the associated environmental challenges and the coming of a partially circular economy. The presentation discusses pathways for improving the direct sustainability of structural metals, in areas including reduced-carbon-dioxide primary production, recycling, scrap-compatible alloy design, contaminant-tolerance of alloys and improved alloy longevity. The lecture also discusses the effectiveness and technological readiness of individual measures, and also shows how novel structural materials enable improved energy efficiency.
Language English
Link-Registration Webex
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