SALSA Symposium Make and Measure: Interfaces


Interfaces are critical in many important, even everyday, applications, ranging from surface functionalization chemistry, electrochemistry, heterogeneous catalysis to complex biological systems.
What are our current challenges? How can analytical sciences help to tackle them? How can such problems be solved at interdisciplinary /inter/faces?

On September 13-15, 2023, the SALSA Fellows will discuss these and other questions with international guests, and with you!

The invited plenary speakers include:

Joshua Edel (Imperial College London),

Csilla Gergely(Université de Montpellier),

Magali Lingenfelder (EPFL Lausanne),

Matthew Meyer (HZB and FU Berlin) ,

and others

The meeting will feature research of doctoral students and postdocs in short oral presentations (5-7 min flash talks), so please also submit a title of your presentation (no full abstract required) with your registration, the latest *by August 25*!