LaNA Cooperations

LaNA maintains a lively and active exchange with other networks, for example: Women in the natural sciences at Campus Adlershof (FiNCA) and Women in Natural Sciences Adlershof (WiNS).

Women in the Natural Sciences at Campus Adlershof (FiNCA)

Patronized by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, FiNCA  promotes excellent school and university students, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral candidates in order to give them optimal opportunities for personal development and career advancement. An important goal is the qualification of young female academics for management positions.

Women in Natural Sciences Adlershof (WiNS)

The WiNS Adlershof program run under the umbrella of FiNCA and promotes female doctoral students and postdocs. It wants to encourage young women to pursue a scientific career and offers them the opportunity to acquire key qualifications, exchange ideas and network with leading personalities from the university and other research institutions in Adlershof. WiNS wants to give effective support on the way to leadership positions – according to the motto “identify and promote hidden potential”.

Due to cooperation with other women’s networks LaNA members receive information for additional events and access to attractive meetings. LaNA also has close contacts to FIM (Vereinigung für Frauen im Management e. V. ).

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